The Trial of Cardigan Jones
Written and Illustrated By: Tim Egan
Genre: Fantasy
Essential Question: Why are courts an important part of our government?
  • trial: a meeting in court to decide if someone has broken the law
  • jury: the group of people who make the decision in a trial
  • convinced: made someone believe or agree to something
  • guilty: having done something wrong
  • pointed: used a finger to show where something was
  • honest: truthful
  • murmur: the sound of people speaking very softly
  • stand: the place where a witness in a trial sits while being questioned
  • Long Vowels
  • Words with the VCe pattern
Target Skills and Strategies:
  • Conclusions
  • Author's Word Choice
  • Infer/Predict
  • Dictionary and Glossary Use
  • Grammar - Kinds of Sentences
Spelling Words:
VCe Spellings
  1. spoke
  2. mile
  3. save
  4. excuse
  5. cone
  6. invite
  7. cube
  8. price
  9. erase
  10. ripe
  11. broke
  12. flame
  13. life
  14. rule
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