Todd Lane Office Temporary Relocation
The Todd Lane Office has been temporarily relocated to the Center Grange Primary School beginning Monday, July 24, 2017. This is a temporary move for approximately the next four weeks. Both Dr. Sherbondy, Todd Lane Principal, and Rose Moskal, Todd Lane Secretary, are available at that location. 
If for any reason you need to reach the Todd Lane office, all phone calls are also being forwarded to their temporary location within Center Grange.
We apologize for this temporary inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We will inform the public when the office relocates back to Todd Lane for the start of the 2017-2018 school year.   
Childcare Bus Stop Request Policy for the 2017-2018 School Year
The Central Valley Transportation Department has a Childcare Bus Stop Request Policy for the 2017-2018 school year. In today’s times, it has become necessary for parents/guardians to work and place their child(ren) with childcare services. If this is your case, we ask that you fill out the enclosed Bus Stop Request Form prior to Friday, July 7, 2017. This will enable us time to assign the appropriate stop for your child(ren). 
Please be aware that students will be scheduled at their regular assigned bus stop unless the form is completed and turned into the Transportation Department. Most requests will be accepted; however, there are times when accommodations cannot be made, and you will be notified if such is the case. Please keep in mind that requests will be honored for district approved stops only. 
Having these requests submitted by Friday, July 7, 2017, helps our department when working on the bus schedules. Requests after July 7th will be considered on a space available basis until mid-August. Assignments after that date may take 2 weeks to process and availability of bus seating cannot be assured.
Any child care arrangements used during this past school year will be deleted in the transportation software. All students will be assigned to the district’s approved stop closest to their home address unless the request form is completed and returned. Please fill out the form in its entirety. You download the form by clicking here. You may send your request by one of the following methods:
  • Mail: Sam Cercone, Central Valley High School, Transportation Department, 160 Baker Road Extension, Monaca, PA 15061 
  • Fax: 724-775-6560
  • Email: 
If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our department at (724) 775-5600, extensions 14500 or 14501. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter and enjoy the summer!  
Todd Lane Elementary School Comprehensive Renovation Project - Superintendent's July 2017 Update
I hope that the summer months have found everyone in the Central Valley School District Community well. It's construction season on the campus of Central Valley. There is plenty going on as we prepare the buildings for staff and student return for the 2017-2018 school year. The following is a brief update as to where construction is to date.
Todd Lane
Construction crews are mobilized and have begun demolition of areas to be remodeled within the building over the last week. Due to the current construction activities and for safety purposes, Todd Lane Elementary and the immediate grounds surrounding Todd Lane are off limits until further notice. The practice and game fields will still be open for the start of fall practices scheduled for July 24, 2017. Facility usage is being communicated and coordinated through Mr. Cercone, Central Valley Athletic Director, with the appropriate youth organizations.
Part of the demolition process within Todd Lane is asbestos abatement. Asbestos abatement is common and a part of all renovation projects where asbestos is present within the building being renovated. Asbestos was typically used during construction back in the time buildings were built of similar age to that of Todd Lane. The protocol is to have asbestos safely removed before demolition is being performed. Asbestos abatement consists of identification, containment, and removal of asbestos. As asbestos is being removed, the area is sealed off in order to prevent contamination of the other areas of the building. Asbestos abatement is performed by licensed professionals. Testing is done as asbestos is removed to ensure that there are no contaminants remaining in the building after the asbestos is gone. Asbestos abatement is scheduled to begin at the end of this week (July 13, 2017) and will be removed from the entire building well before staff or students return in the fall.
Any new students looking to register for the fall semester should report to Central Registration Office located in the South Wing of the Central Valley High School.
High School Athletic Facilities
Facility improvements began June 7, 2017. The tennis courts, lights, track, scoreboard, sound system, and field turf are all scheduled for completion for the start of fall camps on Monday, August 14, 2017. The high school stadium and adjacent parking lot are also off limits until further notice. 
Warriors of the Month

May Warriors of the Month

Row 1: Noah Johnson, Alison Robbie, Lucas Gerovac, Michael Crea, and Michael Trentafellow
Row 2: Danica Burns, Sydney Skekley, Tessa Collins, Gabby White, and Autyana Gales
Missing: Olivia Green and Luca Sant'Eufemia
Notice to Parents: New PA Dept of Health Immunization Law
As part of the educational team, the Central Valley School District nurses coordinate the resources of the family, school and community to help the student achieve optimum health and academic success.   
Todd Lane is happy to announce that we received a 100% evaluation from the state for our School Wide Positive Intervention and Support Program (SWPBIS). The Warrior Way is our motto which means Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.
We look forward to continuing to use the Warrior Way with our students!

Math 24

Fifth grade took all four top spots at Math 24. The students involved were:
Rachel Hardek (1st)
Cassidy Beede (2nd)
Zach McLean (3rd)
Gianna Cercone (4th)  
Macaroni Boy


The Central Valley Education Foundation provided a grant to bring a Macaroni Boy Offsite Outreach to fourth grade students at Todd Lane Elementary. The students complete a month long novel study of Macaroni Boy by Katherine Ayres. While reading the book, the students focus on the comprehension, vocabulary, and historical events of the the story. The setting of Pittsburgh during the Great Depression is a main topic and area of exploration throughout the novel study. The concluding portion of the novel study includes a presentation from the Heinz History Center.

The presentation is an exploration of Pittsburgh’s Strip District. It utilizes historic images, maps, and first-person accounts to bring to life Katherine Ayres’ “Macaroni Boy” novel. It compare and contrast settings from the book with historic evidence, including the site of the banana explosion, Cox’s army, Klavon’s drug store, aluminum and steel mills, and Herr’s Island. An interactive game brings the story full circle with a look at the Strip District today.
CVEF funded Art Mural
Funded by a grant from the Central Valley Education Foundation, Todd Lane students created a large scale mural that will be displayed in the school. The students created the tiles during their art classes. They learned how to mix, cut, shape and create images using polymer clay. The students loved this project! Two senior high school students, Lauren Wysocki and Shayla Greco, also helped design and create focal images for the mural.

CVEF helps students with sensory needs.
CVEF helps to expand sensory area at Todd Lane Elementary!
Funding from the Central Valley Education Foundation (CVEF) has provided continued support to create a space for students with sensory needs at Todd Lane Elementary School.
The following items were purchased for the 2017 school year:
Moving the Senses Set

Massaging Pillow
20" Rain Stick

Boing Balls
THANK YOU CVEF from the sensory room team!!!
Beaver County Battle of the Books
Members of Mrs. Pohl's 5th grade book club competed in the Beaver County Battle of the Books on May 9, 2017. Students in 5th and 6th grade from across the county enjoyed a day of competition, meeting and participating in a writing workshop with local author, Frederic Durbin, as well as playing literary games!
Camp Invention at Central Valley
                                                            Click the image to Register Now!
Drums Alive
Todd Lane is using rhythm as the source of inspiration to discover a new avenue of fitness. Students combine the dynamic movements of aerobic dance with the pulsating rhythms of drumming for a unique sensory/motor experience. The Central Valley Education Foundation granted funds for purchase of 50 stability balls and drum sticks. In preparation for becoming a Drums Alive affiliated program, fifth grade students participate bi-weekly during their music or physical education classes.
Drums Alive


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Drums Alive 2


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Saihou Njie Visits Todd Lane
Todd Lane had the pleasure of hosting batik artist Saihou Njie. The visiting artist experience was generously provided by the Beaver County Arts Consortium. Mr. Njie met with 20 randomly selected 5th graders. The students learned about making art as a community and created a group painting. They also spent time making a peace bracelet. Mr. Njie talked about creating a community, doing what you love, and being a proud member of the community. He also talked about his appearance on the television show Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. We had a great afternoon making art with Mr. Njie!

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