Interesting Facts

Our Name

Our name was chosen through a community-wide survey set up through our web site. Over six hundred entries were narrowed to the top seven: Center-Monaca/Monaca-Center, Cenaca, Central Valley, General Brodhead, Mid-Valley, MonCentral, and North Bend. Students in grades 7-11 narrowed the seven names to two: Central Valley and North Bend. The Board selected Central Valley by a 10-8 vote.

Our Colors

Our Colors
Students in grades K-11 submitted color combinations. They were not permitted to use Center or Monaca color combinations. The school board narrowed the list to seven: Black and Carolina Blue, Black and Purple, Black and Royal Blue, Black and Silver, Navy Blue and Caroline Blue, Red and Silver, and Royal Blue and Orange.
The final seven color combinations were placed on football jerseys and displayed in the school cafeterias for the student body to view. The final colors were selected by 48 student representatives from grades 6-11 organized by homerooms (two per HR). Carolina Blue and Navy Blue received 24 votes; Black and Royal Blue received 23 votes; and Red and Silver received one vote, resulting in a narrow victory for Caroline Blue and Navy Blue as the new Central Valley School District colors.

Our Mascot

Our Mascot
Similar to the process for selecting the school colors, the mascot was selected by polling the student body K-11. They were not permitted to use an Indian or a Trojan. The Board narrowed the submissions to six: Eagles, Gators, Knights, Saints, Titans, and Warriors. The students in grades 3-11 selected the final mascot. The actual Warrior rendering was part of a school process too. Students submitted drawings, and the Board narrowed it down to four. The renderings were displayed in the buildings, and the students voted for the final depiction of the Central Valley Warrior.

Our Alma Mater

Our alma mater was created by a committee of music teachers from both districts, chaired by an alumnus of Monaca School District Matt Horzempa. The final piece was performed for the school board and administration prior to final approval. The lyrics captured the spirit of both communities forging together to form new traditions:
Born from truth and honor we have forged our strands with pride.
Integrity in all we do, two powers combined.
Our spirits sail, our songs unite,
No trial can ever match our might.
O, Central Valley Warrior's pride
Our legacy evermore.

Our Fight Song

The music department searched for college fight songs available for purchase without having to pay royalties. They narrowed the fight songs down to six, and met with the administration to narrow it to four. The following songs represent the final four:
  • Go, Northwestern, Go – Northwestern University
  • Across the Field - Ohio State University
  • The Victors - University of Michigan
  • Mighty Oregon - University of Oregon
The high school band recorded each song and played them on a daily basis for one week at the middle school and the high school. The students then voted on the one they liked the most – Mighty Oregon
Our music teachers created lyrics for the new fight song by looking at Oregon's lyrics and changing them to fit our school:
Central Valley High School Warriors
We will fight with loyalty
As our offense and our defense
Lead our team to victory.
Roar the praises of the Warriors.
Let our colors wave with pride.
May we shout and cheer forever
For our Central Valley High.


By state code, merging districts must combine their school boards initially and reduce the number from 18 to 9 in subsequent elections. Central Valley began with 18 in July of 2009. The number was reduced to 14 in November of 2009; then it was reduced to 9 board members in the November 2011 election.
The board also elected to divide the electoral districts into three regions rather than remain at-large as the two former districts were organized, insuring that Monaca (which is one-third the size of Center Area) had a voice in the larger district as we moved forward with the creation of Central Valley School District.
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