Athletic Eligibility

Athletic Eligibility Rules

The Central Valley Board of Education adopted a policy concerning weekly eligibility and nine weeks grades. This policy states that any athlete, color-guard, cheerleader or majorette who receives two failing marks in their subjects on the Weekly Eligibility Report will be subject to an immediate one week suspension from any activity of the squad.
Grade sheets will be run from Powerschool on Friday afternoon of each week and the current grade listed at that time will be used. The teachers of all their major subjects must evaluate those students participating in any of the above-mentioned activities each week. As stipulated above, a failing mark in two major subjects will bring about an immediate one week suspension from any activity of the squad.
The student will become eligible the following week provided he/she does not receive more than one failing mark on the eligibility sheet. The teacher evaluation will be based on the average score in the class at that time. Coaches and sponsors of the groups will be notified by Monday morning of any ineligible students. Their ineligibility will begin the following Monday and continue through Saturday.
All athletes, color guard, cheerleaders and majorettes must have a passing grade in ALL of their subjects at the conclusion of each nine-week report period. Failure to achieve this would cause the student to become ineligible for the first FIFTEEN SCHOOL DAYS of the succeeding grading period.
Eligibility is in accordance with the by-laws of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) and the policies of the Central Valley School District Board of Education.
  1. AGE - Maximum 19 years if birthday is on or after July 1st.
  2. ATTENDANCE - Must be enrolled in full-time attendance. If absent 20 or more days a semester, a pupil shall be ineligible to participate until in attendance for a total of 45 school days following the 20th day of absence.
  3. PERIOD OF PARTICIPATION - Maximum of 8 semesters beyond 8th grade. Maximum of 4 seasons beyond 8th grade.
  4. ACADEMIC REQUIREMENT - Students are required to meet stated academic/athletic eligibility requirements.
  5. PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS - Prior to any student participating in practices, inter-squad scrimmages, and/or contests, at any PIAA member school, the student is required to complete a physical examination. A student completing a comprehensive, initial pre-participation physical evaluation (CIPPE) need not have a re-certification for a period of twelve (12) months, unless the student suffers a serious illness or injury within those twelve (12) months. A serious illness or injury may occur when the student is unable to participate in 25% or more of the regular season contests in the immediately preceding sports season and/or incurs ten (10) days of absence from school as a result of the illness or injury.
Students must be present within 45 minutes of the official start time and remain in school the entire day in order to participate in after-school activities, practices, games or intramurals.
No student will be permitted to participate in extra-curricular activities on the same day as an absence from school.
Students should understand that their instructional obligations should be first and foremost in their school program.
Additionally, any evidence of regular absence from school on days before or after extra-curricular activities will result in suspension of the student from such activities.
Students who participate in extra-curricular activities are encouraged to use a lock on their athletic locker, or give all valuables to their coach or sponsor
* Exceptions: Valid medical excuse and/or administrative approval.
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