Pennsylvania’s Core Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics are robust and relevant to the real world and reflect the knowledge and skills our young people need to succeed in life after high school, in both post-secondary education and a globally competitive workforce.

These resources offer an opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the standards and the implications for instruction.

PA Core - English Language Arts

PA Core - Reading and Writing for Other Subjects

PA Core - Mathematics

PA Core Training Module

PA Core Curriculum Frameworks

Understanding PA Core

ELA Emphasis Guides

Mathematics Emphasis Guides and Cluster Matrices

PA Core Standards Crosswalks

PA Core Eligible Content Crosswalks - English Language Arts

PA Core Eligible Content Crosswalks - Mathematics

Science and Technology and Engineering Education

Environment and Ecology (Agriculture)

Science and Technology & Environment and Ecology (2002)

Civics and Government




Arts and Humanities

Health, Safety and Physical Education

Family and Consumer Sciences

World Languages

Career Education and Work

Business, Computer and Information Technology

PA English Language Development Standards

Additional Standards

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