STEM Program

Elementary STEM Programs/Robotics- K-5

Using Google’s G Suite students learned how to use Google Docs and create a Google Slideshow Presentations. Also, using the mobile version on their iPads they created an algorithm to program a robot to walk to a chair and sit down, also they created algorithms to program Blue Bots to navigate obstacle courses. Students also learned how to frame a load bearing wall to help frame and construct a model house. Students also create a slideshow with company information and documenting their companies progress. They will create company logos utilizing Notability and Google Drawings. Students worked through an engineering workbook to design a Balsa Wood Bridge using a limited amount of material, students had to meet a weight and then we tested for failure (23 lbs). Students began to build Vex IQ Robots and will remote control the robots. Also, students will use the Laser Engraver to etch a Graphic Design into a piece of wood.

High School /Middle School Robotics Program 6-12

Students learn the basics to developing a robot from the ground up. The program follows the Engineering Design Process. Students begin by brainstorming robot concepts and researching various strategic designs. Students then progress to using Solidworks design software to build a 3D solid model of their robot. Through the program, machining operations are covered as well as safe operation of some tools and machines. Students work with DC electrical circuits and learn related skills such as circuit testing and soldering. Students are involved in the safe testing of the robots systems and troubleshooting of problems in an engineered system. The course is capped off by the robot competition. The robot will compete with many other high school robotics teams from the area. The students will maintain and repair the robot in addition to operating it at the competition. The students are required to use Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills as they design develop and work with the robot system. Students must calculate material, masses, forces and electrical voltage and current. The budgeting, accounting, assemblies, and instructions are also prepared by students. This course not only requires the learning of academic skills but the application of those skills as well. The program gives the student the opportunity to gain an understanding of a robot's function with programmed commands. The focus is on the engineering process, programming, use of sensors, designing, and troubleshooting robotic systems. The robots are built by teams of students for a specific purpose, which changes annually. The robots are controlled by student-written programs. These specific STEM programs are developed with direct input from local industry to meet the 21st-century technological demands and career training needs of the industry. In addition, the robotics program has now progressed to include all grade levels K-12. The High School students are now showcasing their robotics projects with the elementary students and the STEM fairs at each building encourage participation of younger students. 
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