May 20-24

This week in English, we are learning more about Persuasive Writing. We are starting a new essay. Every day in class students will tackle an element of the essay, and every evening they will need to finish this work. When students follow the process of breaking down an assignment into smaller portions, they are more successful.
Monday-Write the attention getter and thesis statement. 
Tuesday- Write your first body paragraph for your Persuasive Essay. Due tomorrow.
Wednesday- Write your second body paragraph for your Persuasive Essay. due tomorrow.
Thursday - Write your third body paragraph for tomorrow.

February 14-17

This week in English, we are completing a unit on Subject Complements. There will be a test next Tuesday on this grammar. We are starting a writing unit on Persuasive Essays.
Tuesday- English101 - 'Subject Complements'
Wednesday- Study Island - 'Planning' 
Thursday- Study Island - 'Planning'

February 6-10

     In English this week, we are finishing our Formal Narrative Essays. Students should be drafting and revising their essays all week. The final draft is due on Thursday. We will also start a grammar unit on subject complements.
Monday -  Complete first draft of your Narrative Essay.
Tuesday - Complete second draft of your Narrative Essay. 
Wednesday - Complete final draft of your Narrative Essay. Final draft due Thursday!!
Thursday - Study Island - 'Planning' 

January 30 - February 3, 2017

     This week in English, we will continue our Narrative Unit; lessons will focus on how to draft the essential elements of this type of essay. Students should be adding every evening to their Narrative Essay. In Grammar, we will finish up a unit on Basic Sentence Parts; there will be a quiz on Thursday.
Monday: Finish 'Basic Sentence Parts Study Guide.'
Tuesday: TBA
Wednesday: Complete the setting of your narrative. Review for Sentence Quiz.
Thursday: Continue to draft essay. Finish Body Paragraphs 1& 2 in your Narrative Graphic Organizer.

January 24 - 27, 2017

This week in English, we are starting a new grammar unit on Basic Sentence Parts and continuing a writing unit on the Narrative Essay. Students should be completing their plot line organizers and developing the setting, characters, and conflict of their narratives.  
Honors English
Tuesday: Read Text pages 368 & 369. Complete activities on page 370.
Wednesday: Finish Plot Line Graphic Organizer.
Thursday: Write Narrative Lead. 
English 7
Tuesday: Continue to work on Plot Line Graphic Organizer.
Wednesday: Finish Plot Line Graphic Organizer.
Thursday: Write Narrative Lead. 

January 9 - 13, 2017

     This week in English, we are starting a writing unit on  Narrative Essays and a grammar unit on Conjunctions. Students will be generating their own topics for their essay. They have a Descriptive Paragraph Project due Wednesday.
Monday: Continue to write your descriptive paragraph.
Tuesday: Finish Descriptive Paragraph Project.
Wednesday: Think of topics for a narrative essay.
Thursday: Write the Attention Getter for your narrative essay. 

January 3 - 6, 2017

This week in English, we will begin a Narrative Unit and finish a Preposition Unit. Students will have a Preposition Study Guide due on Wednesday and a Preposition Test on Thursday. We will be writing descriptive paragraphs in class on Tuesday and Thursday.
Tuesday - Complete Preposition Study Guide
Wednesday - Study for Preposition Test 

December 12 - 16

This week in English, we are starting a new Informative Essay. Our topic is; 
A role model is a person you look up to. Before writing, think about someone people should look up to. Why would  this person be admired? Write an expository essay explaining why someone should venerate this person. Support your explanation with at least three details, reasons, or examples.
Each day, we will be reviewing the steps to creating a well-developed essay from brainstorming to creating introductory, body, and concluding paragraphs. Please note the timeline below for students completing each part of this process. It is very important that the essay is chunked into smaller parts, so students feel less pressure and to allow the mind to rest, which promotes greater creativity. If students wait until Thursday night, to write the essay, which is due Friday, they will become frustrated, and their ideas will not flow creatively.
Monday: Finish brainstorming
Tuesday: Finish Introductory Paragraph
Wednesday: Finish Body Paragraphs 
Thursday:Finish Concluding Paragraph & Hand write draft.
Friday: Final draft due. 
*Points will be given for each stage in the process. 

December 5-9

This week in English, we will be reviewing and practicing preposition usage. At the end of the week, we will start a unit on descriptive writing. Homework will be posted as the week proceeds depending on what we accomplish in class.
Study Island "Sensory Details" is due this Friday!! 

November 29 - December 2

   This week in English, we are continuing our review for a test on Adjectives & Adverbs on Thursday. Students should review their Study Guide and the chapter in their digital text. 
Monday: Review Adjectives & Adverbs Study Guide.
Tuesday: Check over review activities in Writing Coach Workbook.
Wednesday: Finish Study Island Adjectives & Adverbs (due tomorrow).

November 21 -23

  This week in English, we are reviewing for a test on Adjectives & Adverbs on the Thursday following Thanksgiving.  Students should review their Study Guide and the chapter in their digital text.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Monday: Review Study Guide
Tuesday: Check over review activities
Wednesday: Continue to work on Study Island Adjectives & Adverbs.

November 14-18

This week in English, we will be finishing, our formal informative essays, reviewing for a quiz on essay writing, and continuing our study of adverbs. The quiz is on Wednesday, and the final essay draft is due Thursday.
Monday: Start completing 'Informative Essay Study Guide Questions.'
Tuesday: Finish completing 'Study Guide Questions' & review for Essay Writing Quiz.
Wednesday:  Type final draft of the Informative Essay. Remember to double space!!!
Thursday: Informative Essay final draft is due today.

November 7-10

This week in English, we are continuing to work on our Formal Informative Essay. The Body Paragraphs are due on Wednesday. The homework all week is to continue working on this essay by adding details and elaboration, refining word choice, and making revisions and edits. Keep up the good work, and you will be rewarded with a piece of writing of which you are proud!!!
Tuesday: Complete body paragraph graphic organizer for tomorrow. 
Wednesday: Finish highlights to body paragraphs and be prepared to turn them in  on Thursday.
Thursday: Type first draft of your Informative Essay.

October 31- November 4

This week in English, we are continuing our study of adjectives and informative writing. Students will be writing their own Informative Essays, which they should be completing and revising as homework every evening.
Monday: Finish brainstorming your Informative Essay Topic.
Tuesday: Finish your Informative Essay Outline. 
Wednesday: Finish your Informative Essay Introductory Paragraph and Checklist.
Thursday: Finish your Informative Essay First Body Paragraph. 

October 17-21

In English, we are continuing our study of Informative Writing by focusing on supporting details in body paragraphs. Students will be identifying types of effective details and applying them to their own writing. On Wednesday, there is  a quiz on verbs. The following link is an excellent review for this assessment---> Here is the link for the study guide. of Verbs Study Guide.pdf
Monday-Review for Verb Quiz
Tuesday- Review for Verb Quiz
Take the Practice  Test at this link - 
Wednesday- Quiz on Verbs
Thursday-Study Island 'Verbs' due Friday

October 11-14

This week, we are focusing on verbs and topic sentences. The only homework is to check PowerSchool for missing assignments and to make them up!!

October 3-7

                                                     Happy Fall!!  
This week, in English, we will be discussing attention getters, thesis statements, and topic sentences as part of our Informative Unit. We will also dive into the verb pool, so we can practice using more descriptive and correct predicates in our writing!
Monday- Finish #3 in the Attention Getter Packet.
Wednesday- Thesis Statement Packet
Thursday - Pronoun - Antecedent Worksheet

September 26-30

In English this week, we are focusing on two particular elements of informative writing; attention getters and thesis statements. We will, also, continue our study of pronouns with an emphasis on interrogative and indefinite. There will be a quiz Thursday on Pronouns, and the Study Island Pronoun Activity is due Friday.
(Please note that assignments will be added as the week progresses.)
Monday - Complete questions on the article 'Canines in the Wild.'
Wednesday- 1.) Be sure to have all of your September Warm-ups organized in one file.
                           Due Thursday.
                       2.) Study for 'Pronouns Quiz' on Thursday. 
Thursday- Finish Study Island Pronoun Activity. Due Friday.

September 19-23

This week in English, we are continuing our study of the Informative Writing Process. Students should continue working on their essays on why someone your student cares about is important to him or her. We will also be revisiting the function of pronouns in sentences.
Monday - Finish any incomplete questions on 'Brainy Bees.'
Tuesday - Make revisions to your essay.
Wednesday - Continue to make revisions to your essay.
Thursday - Make final revisions to your essay. 

September 12-16

This week in English students are reviewing nouns, practicing revising skills in their 'Kernel Paragraph,' and beginning the informative writing process. It's a busy week!!
Monday: 1.) Study for Noun Quiz on Tuesday.  
                2.) Continue working on 'Kernel Paragraph.'
Tuesday: Type out all changes to your 'Kernel Paragraph' in the document in Notability.
Wednesday: Finish any highlights to 'Kernel Paragraph.'
Thursday: Think about a person who is important to you. Be prepared to explain why. 
Friday: Happy weekend! 

When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing. ~Enrique Jardiel

English 7 is a full writing program that aims to fit every child's learning style. This  course is designed to integrate skills in the areas of writing, listening, thinking, grammar, spelling, speaking, and reading. Students will be required to complete several narrative, expository, and persuasive pieces of writing. Students will also be assigned literature to read, discuss, and analyze throughout the school year.



You can access the student textbook online at the link below. Students can enter the user name and password below to enter the site. At the website, they can read their text,complete grammar activities and follow the interactive writing tutor.
pwd: Central#1 

Editing Symbols

Persuasive Essay 2

October 24-28

This week in English, we are working on adjectives and concluding paragraphs. At the end of the week, students will be choosing a topic and brainstorming for their informative formal essay. Everyone is reminded that this is the last week to turn in late work from the first quarter.
Monday- Finish 'Supporting Details' Link.
Wednesday- 'Concluding Paragraph-Expository Writing'

Nonfiction Narration

 Graphic organizers, guidelines, and revising rules for narrative essays are all included in the attachment below;
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