P.E.A.C.E. Club (People for Equality in All Corners of the Earth)

Sponsored by Ms. Zillian (will meet in the Library)
The P.E.A.C.E. Club stands for People for Equality in All Corners of the Earth.  As members, we try to keep peace in our schools, community, nation and world-wide.  Members will attend meetings, sign up for fun fund-raising events, make posters with inspirational quotes, and volunteer at different events in our community. It is important to remember that each individual or group is unique and deserves opportunities and equality!

*Meetings center around who we will help out that month (local churches, soup kitchens, clothes drives and national & world-wide organizations)
*We are a non-profit organization.  100% of the proceeds collected will be donated towards a non-profit organization.  Last year, a member held a Talent Show and the proceeds were donated to the International Rescue Committee.  The year before, money was donated to the American Cancer Society.
*We also want to make our peers feel good by "Paying it Forward," recognizing people or groups who need a helping hand, and have fun fundraisers around Halloween and the Holidays.
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