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Math 6 & Pre Algebra 
Mrs. Haggart 


Note: Students who bring in boxes of facial tissues, boxes of new pencils, and Clorox wipes for classroom use will receive one ticket for each item towards our monthly drawing.  


The sixth grade math curriculum is designed to expand students’ knowledge of previously introduced mathematical concepts. The curriculum is vigorous in scope and addresses all aspects of the PA Common Core math standards. Content will include: Number Concepts, Comparing and Ordering Numbers, Computation, Estimation and Problem Solving, Ratios, Proportion and Percent, Patterns, Expressions, Equations and Inequalities, The Coordinate Plane, Geometric Concepts, Measurement, Data Analysis and Probability. Students will be expected to review concepts taught in class through hands-on activities, guided practice, cooperative learning experiences, daily homework assignments and various assessments. Once introduced, concepts will be developed to reinforce retention. This course is designed to further extend critical thinking skills and real world applications.
Pre Algebra
The Pre Algebra curriculum will focus on four critical areas of the common core standards: developing understanding of and applying proportional relationships; developing understanding of operations with rational numbers and working with expressions and linear equations; solving problems involving scale drawings and informal geometric constructions, and working with two- and three-dimensional shapes to solve problems involving area, surface area, and volume; and drawing inferences about populations based on samples. In addition to this curriculum statistics and geometry (6th grade standards) will also be covered to prepare the students for the PSSA's.
Daily Expectations:

Students are expected to come to class prepared. This includes arriving on time with iPad (fully charged), folder, 1-subject notebook (optional), and a pencil.

Grading Scale:

90-100 – A

80-89 – B

70-79 – C

60-69 – D

0-59 – F

Math 6 & Pre Algebra 6
This year our textbook will be digital. The students will have an app that is downloaded to their iPad. 

Once you are in the digital textbook there is a wealth of materials at your disposal. You will have access to the following materials:

·    * Digital Textbook – this is a digital copy of the curriculum being used

·    * Homework – Homework is available to the students through the digital copy of the textbook.

·    * Parent Resources – pdf documents for helping with homework and concepts with tips

 ** If your child is struggling with their homework check out these resources:

·     Video Tutorials – a video introducing the skills covered in each lesson is available on the digital site. 

All assignments are posted on the assignment board in my classroom, and on our team Showbie page (6B). The Showbie homework page code is: KFFR4
** All assignments and tests are subject to change depending on the instructional needs of the students.

When checking Powerschool for grade updates, please check over the weekend as it takes time to enter assignments and get tests/quizzes/projects graded.


·   Homework is given almost every night. The assignments will be available to the students through their digital iPad app.




Social Studies – Ancient Egypt


In this course students will learn about Early Civilizations and Ancient Egypt.

Daily Expectations:

Students are to have their iPad, a folder, and a pencil. Students will be using their Ipads daily during Social Studies as their textbook is downloaded to their iBooks app.


The amount and types of assignments will vary. Homework will be reviewed and used as study guides for upcoming tests/quizzes. Homework will be worth 1 point. If homework is not turned in when it is due, students are able to turn it in the next day for 1/2 credit. 

Test and Quizzes:

All tests and quizzes will be announced at least a week in advance. The number of points and types of questions will vary. 


The student's grade will be determined by the total points accumulated from tests, quizzes, projects, homework assignments, and other activities throughout the grading period.

Team 6B Showbie Homework Code: KFFR4
Showbie Class Codes:
Pd. 1 - Math 6 - 3FB2J
Pd. 2 - Pre Algebra - 3FMDV
Pd. 7 - Math 6 - 4ACF7
Pd. 8 - Math 6 - ULYJM
Pd. 9 - Social Studies(1st 9 Weeks) YC378

Math Department Grade Weights:

Assessments - 60%

  • Tests

  • Quizzes

  • Projects

Classwork - 30%

  • In-class activities

Homework - 10%


Social Studies Grade Weights

Assessments - 70%

  • Tests

  • Quizzes

  • Projects

Classwork - 20%

  • In-class activities

Homework - 10%


Make-Up Work

Work missed while absent should be made up the following day upon return to school. Students who miss 1 day, get 1 day to make up the work. They get one day for everyday they are absent to make up work. Work assigned before an absence is due when they return to school. Students should check the Team 6B Showbie page daily when absent.

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