AP/CHS Statistics:  Grades 10-12 (College-in-High School 4 credits through University of Pittsburgh)

·       Prerequisites:

o     Algebra II or Foundations of Algebra II

·       Recommendations:

o     70% average in Algebra II or Foundations of Algebra II, if only being taken as a Central Valley Math elective.

·       Required:

o     Students enrolling in the AP course should have an 85% average or better, if taken as prerequisite to AP/College-in-High-School course. This requirement has been previously established by the University of Pittsburgh.


This course will prepare the student to take the AP Statistics exam in May, as well as completing the requirements for the College-in-High-School program. This course teaches methods of descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics include data collection and description, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression, the analysis of variance and contingency tables. Students will learn how to use a statistical computer package. Topics include: Introduction; Descriptive Statistics; Association and Regression; Causation and Evidence; Probability: Random variables and their distributions; Distribution of sample mean from random samples; Confidence intervals for means (known standard deviation) and proportions in one sample; Tests of hypotheses about means (known standard deviation) and proportions in one sample; and one-sample, paired-sample and two-sample t-tests.


AP/CHS Statistics Syllabus
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