Physical Education is a required course which conforms to Pennsylvania Department of Education Academic Standards. The course consists of health related and skill related fitness concepts. The course involves instruction in a variety of team/individual sports such as: flag football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, tennis, hockey, ultimate sports, group fitness, badminton, speedball, and table tennis.  Students will be given the opportunity to apply scientific knowledge as well as health concepts to each lesson.  

I would like to acknowledge all the hard work that the Beaver County Education Trust and Central Valley Education Foundation does for Central Valley. These organizations are comprised of a dedicated group of individuals that understand how important a quality based curriculum can be for the framework of success. The BCET and CVEF provides mini grants and opportunities for the students to become successful in the classroom. This year, the mini grants provided funds for a program entitled “TRX: Total Body Resistance Program.” The Physical Education department was able to purchase seven TRX’s with Xmounts. The students will be learning how to set up the TRX and how to use the principles of progression to complete body weight resistance exercises. Students will be able to improve their health and understand the importance of being fit for life. Our students have been given a great opportunity and I feel that they will enjoy this experience.

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