Central Valley School District Closed
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Central Valley School District buildings, indoor and outdoor facilities remain closed to the general public. Only school-related activities and community groups that have received school board permission are permitted to use facilities and are limited to the requirements of the mandatory health and safety plans required by the State.  All facilities will remain closed to the general public until further notice.

Cyber Services

Central Valley High School offers a full cyber curriculum for our students. Students may take cyber classes through our complete cyber curriculum or a blended cyber/traditional model. Cyber services are offered on an individual basis based upon the student’s needs. Our curriculum is built to mirror our current traditional courses. Students attending the Central Valley Cyber Academy will be held to the same academic standards as all Central Valley High School students. They will be able to participate in all school activities and earn a Central Valley High School diploma. Students interested in our Cyber Academy option will work closely with their guidance counselor to arrange their class schedule.

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What is a cyber-charter school?
A charter is a public education school that bills your local district to send your child to their school. Approximately $10,000 is spent for a regular education student and $20,000 for a special education student. A cyber-charter is not governed by your elected school board and do not have the expectations set by Central Valley. Cyber-Charters also do not have to have 100% certified teachers like Central Valley has to provide. 25% of a cyber-charter staff could be not qualified to teach at Central Valley.
How would my child benefit from attending CV Cyber Service?
At CV Cyber Service your child will remain a Central Valley student with the capability of choosing what program of studies works best for them. You and your child have the ability to become a hybrid, part time or full-time student. This means that your child can blend traditional school with cyber service or become a full-time cyber student from home or school! Your student now has the opportunity to create their own schedule and times that they would like to be educated. Your child will also graduate from Central Valley!
What grade levels does CV Cyber service offer?
Cyber classes are offered in Grades K-12.
Is there a cost to attend CV Cyber Service?
Your tax dollars pay for a student to be enrolled in CV Cyber Service as they are Central Valley Students. This is the same as cyber-charters but your tax dollars are increased because they have to hire additional teachers, administrators, and staff to provide a service that Central Valley already has. To be fiscally responsible you would want to remain a Central Valley student.
Is my child eligible to enroll in CV Cyber Service?
Yes, your child may apply to CV Cyber Service. It is recommended that you follow the deadlines for enrollment. If your child has an IEP, a meeting must be held prior to enrollment.
Is the CV Cyber Service curriculum accredited?
Yes, online curriculum mirrors that of traditional courses. We have also added additional classes online that are not offered in traditional school.
How much time will my child spend doing school work during the day/year?
All students are required to attend school 990 hours for secondary and 900 hours for elementary students. All courses are created based on this requirement and then a daily calendar for work is established for students to remain on target for both attendance and completion of the courses. Please see student handbook for specifics for each course.
How will my child's progress be monitored?
The progress of a student is monitored through the student's Instructional Support teacher(IS) on a weekly basis. The way it is monitored greatly depends on the type of curriculum that is chosen at the time of enrollment however, you will receive an email daily to show you a visual report of your child’s progress. Students are able to view their progress as soon as they log into their online course.
How do you monitor attendance?
Attendance is monitor through our platform. We are able to monitor exactly the amount of engaged time and student idle time. Based on the students’ progress report and data provided from Edgenuity the school district may recommend your child attending school and working on their courses in the CV Cyber Service lab to help them be successful online learners.
What if my child is not computer literate? Can he still participate? Is there support?
Yes, with the support of CV teachers your child will be able to have support for areas of weakness. The teachers are able to walk students through the entire program. Also, we have created video’s that will support your questions and concerns so that you can be a successful online learner.
How will my child socialize in Cyber School?
Since all students remain CV students they do have the capability to join any of our clubs or activities. CV Cyber will also have different social organized time throughout the school year.
How will my child receive credit for physical education?
Full-time students are able to obtain their PE credit online through our CV Cyber PE courses. Students are required to keep a log and complete all activities.
Does CV Cyber Service have a gifted program?
CV Cyber Service follows Chapter 16 of the state guidelines concerning gifted students. We meet those guidelines by enriching our students through various activities and events.
Is there a special education program?
Yes. We follow all federal and state regulations and standards. As a public school, we implement Chapter 14 for special education and Chapter 15 for 504 Protected Handicapped Students.
What am I required to do if my child attends CV Cyber Service?
For students in the younger grades, you are required to be home if your child will be a full-time home student. However, your child can still be enrolled in CV Cyber Service but they would complete their day within the school in the Cyber Lab.
Can my child participate in Vo-Tech while attending CV Cyber Service?
Absolutely! This is another area that the cyber charters do not permit. We encourage students to pick the path that best fits them.
Will my child have the option of learning a world language?
A world language course is offered to all students who meet the academic criteria.
If there are grades, how will they be determined?
CV Cyber Service is set up similar to traditional courses with multiple assessments; however, students do have the ability to redo all work until the student reaches mastery. Students will be required to submit assignments to their teachers for evaluation and feedback. Teachers will assess mastery and provide quantitative feedback in the secondary grades. 
How will my child be evaluated?
  • Vocabulary
  • Online content
  • Journal entries
  • Quizzes
  • Test
  • Semester assessments
  • PSSA
  • NWEA
  • Diagnostic credit recovery test
  • Collaboration center and writing center
Do I have to participate in state testing?
All students are required to participate in state testing. Students will be notified about dates and students will be required to come to campus to take these assessments. Currently, PSSA and Keystone exam schedules are posted on guidance websites.
What are the requirements for graduation?
All students must obtain 28 credits. Please see the program of studies to see your course requirements for graduation.
What is the graduation project?
You will work in your junior and senior year on your Senior project. Please refer to our CV High School Senior Project page for complete up-to-date details.
Will my child receive a diploma? Is there a graduation ceremony?
Yes, your child will receive a Central Valley diploma. Your child will also be invited to participate in graduation ceremonies with all Central Valley students.
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