Center Township Fire Department Instructs Family and Consumer Science Class in Fire Safety

by: McKenna Krygowski, Joseph Skibinski, and Richard Turkovich on October 4, 2023
Last week, the firefighters of Center Township came to Central Valley to talk to the family and consumer science classes about fire safety. The main point for this demonstration was that when high schoolers are cooking they should know what to do in case of a fire in the kitchen. The students learned about various fire facts. Such as the type of fires and how to put each out. The most important part of the lesson was that the students were able to put out a controlled fire with a fire extinguisher. This was to help teach students how to use one, so they can be safe and knowledgeable if they were ever put in this situation. Some of the images below are of students extinguishing fires started by the firemen. This was a non-dangerous environment to learn how to put fires out. Central Valley students will be well prepared should a fire ever happen near them.

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