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CV Bots IQ Visits Industry Partner
Why is manufacturing important?

The Central Valley Bots IQ team visited with their industry partner Schroeder Industries in Leetsdale, PA to see cutting-edge modern manufacturing. Schroeder is a world leader in hydraulic filtration manufacturing components, filters, custom reservoirs, and evaporators to name a few. We went to visit Schroeder Industries to answer the question, “why is manufacturing important?”

Digitalization and the integration of cyber and physical systems are driving a new revolution in manufacturing. Many of the well-known companies that you may be familiar with today are strongly rooted in the manufacturing industry. They rely on their machines to create the tools that make life easier for us. In the future decades, the most important new technologies being researched have the potential to dramatically enhance production. This is especially true of equipment that improves efficiency, such as robotics and other automation developments, which will help American manufacturers to compete with enterprises throughout the world. Manufacturing drives our economy and employs 12 million people in the US (National Association of Manufacturers 2019). Manufacturing could be a great high-tech STEM career opportunity for today's students.

A special thanks to Mike Camino and Schroeder Industries for their hospitality.