Mrs. Yoder's
7th Grade English Class

Weekly Agenda:

Monday: 2/20 - Intro to Persuasive. SLO 3 Topic and Pre-writing. Review for grammar quiz.
Tuesday: 2/21 - Grammar QUIZ. Complete SLO 3 Pre-writing (Graphic Organizer). Begin Rough Draft.
Wednesday: 2/22 - SLO 3 Rough Draft due at the end of class. Editing Worksheet as Homework. 
Thursday: 2/23 - Hand-write SLO 3 Final Draft. Study Island "Revising" due next Friday 3/3. 
Friday: 2/24 - Finish SLO 3 Final Draft. 

Course Information

English 7 is a full writing program that aims to fit every child's learning style. This course is designed to integrate skills in the areas of writing, listening, thinking, grammar, spelling, speaking, and reading. Students will be required to complete several narrative, expository, and persuasive pieces of writing. Students will also be assigned literature to read, discuss, and analyze throughout the school year.
Bring to Class Every Day:
Charged iPad
Folder (optional)
(Completed Homework if assigned)
(Notebook is optional) 

Policies and Procedures

Extra credit MAY be given during any quarter for those students who work hard, but extra credit WILL NOT substitute for missing work and should not be relied on to support grades. Class participation is graded and is significant! If you have any trouble, please see me at any time for extra help!
Late Policy: Half credit on assignments turned in after due date. 

Contact Mrs. Yoder

Grade Weights

Assessments 60%
- Tests
- Quizzes 
- Projects/Writings 
Classwork 30%
Homework 10% 

Grading Scale

90 - 100 A 
80 - 89 B
70 - 79 C
60 - 69 D
0 - 59 F

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