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Why Go Mobile? - 5 reasons schools need diverse mobile solutions!
The intent of this white paper is to share eSchoolView’s view of the impact of mobile devices in the education setting, how they enhance the education experience through increased communication and how eSchoolView’s mobile solutions can assist schools in creating avenues of engagement with their communities.
5 reasons schools need diverse mobile solutions:
1. Engagement – Create avenues of two-way conversations with your educational communities.
2. Information – Provide up-to-date information through a wide variety of mobile solutions – website, mobile apps, responsive mobile, instant alerts, and social media.
3. Access – Ensure that your communications are accessible on all types of mobile devices.
4. Ease of use – Provide tools that are intuitive and easy to use for all ages.
5. Security – Use tools that create a sense of security with your community – panic buttons, instant alerts, data security
This paper will describe how eSchoolView’s easy-to-use, intuitive mobile solutions can assist your school or education organization in achieving your mobile communication needs.
The proof is in the numbers!
can we place this data into an infographic or find a good info graphic with this information that we can freely use?
Today, people are relying on mobile devices to provide them with information as it happens. No matter where you are, someone is using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device - it might even be you. Here are some eye opening statistics:
• “91% of U.S. adults now own a mobile phone. 61% of those are smartphones.”
• “189 million Facebook users (almost one out of five) are mobile-only, and mobile use accounts for 30% of Facebook ad revenue.”
• “25% of Americans use mobile devices (primarily tablets) only to access the Internet.”
• “There are five times as many cellphones in the world as there are PCs.”
• “Nearly half of consumers say they won’t return to a website if it doesn’t load properly on their mobile devices.”
• “99% of mobile messages are read. 90% are read within 3 minutes.”
Looking at the few statistics listed, it is critical for schools and education institutions to make certain that they are using mobile communication to engage with their education communities.
If schools today are not using a wide variety of mobile ready technological solutions and social media tools to communicate, they risk not being heard. Families, students, and staff are missing out on important information and schools are not creating the relationships they need for student success.
eSchoolView Solutions
eSchoolView has a wide variety of mobile solutions for schools and education institutions that will not only initiate engagement but retain it as well.
Responsive Hybrid Mobile
As part of the content management system (CMS), eSchoolView provides a fully integrated Responsive Hybrid Mobile site. All content and updates are transferred in real time directly from the CMS.
Included with the Mobile Suite package, the KnowItAll App is an innovative solution for K-12 websites compatible with all Apple and Android devices. The App can be utilized by school administration, staff, students, families, and community!
Some key benefits of the KnowItAll App include:
• Universal School System Directory: Users can access multiple districts or just one.
• District Directory
• Building Directory
• Staff Directory
• Events Calendar
• Lunch Menus
• Athletic Schedule
Instant Connect
The easy-to-use K-12 mobile solution, Instant Connect, makes the management of school communication simple with intelligent voice dialing, true SMS alerts, and email functions.
Send voice messages, text messages, and emails to targeted audiences in one seamless action through our content management system (CMS) to gain community support, increase family engagement, and keep school staff informed. This powerful and easy-to-use web-based voice dialing notification system also integrates with most Student Information Systems (SIS).
What makes Instant Connect stand out?
• Integrates with the eSchoolView content management system
• Affordable for education organizations
• Offers the educational organization the ability to use it at any level
• Includes an anonymous Anti-bullying reporting function
• Includes instant alert for crisis situation from any smartphone
School district administrators, teachers, and coaches can use the Instant Connect software to easily communicate with targeted groups: community members, families, students, and staff. Last minute reminders, schedule or location changes, and information to voters can channel through mobile device.
To assist with reducing bullying, the anti-bullying report function provides a mechanism for anyone to place an anonymous call that will be reported immediately to the appropriate district personnel.
Instant Connect integrates seamlessly with a large variety of SIS providers.
Like all eSchoolView products, Instant Connect, has a simple interface that makes it user-friendly and accessible through the easy-to-use content management system (CMS) to ensure K-12 school websites are robust and powerful.
Panic Button
In the event of an emergency, the Panic Button option instantly transmits an alert message to a district designated individual or group, such as the emergency response team. This option is available to every staff member with a mobile phone.
Social Media Integration
The eSchoolView content management system (CMS) provides users with the ability to easily post a wide variety of information directly from the CMS to social media accounts increasing the interaction with the community.
Not why, but when?
Don’t wait until you have communications problems – lead by example and create an engaged and active education community today. eSchoolView’s Mobile solutions will put your school district on the map by ensuring that your community can access and utilize up-to-date information instantly.
Our Mobile Suite fully integrates with eSchoolView’s website content management system (CMS)—an easy-to-use product that was developed specifically for schools and education organizations.
eSchoolView would like to assist your school in developing a plan to implement mobile as part of your communication plan.
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