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Students who attend out of district schools of alternative transportation schedules when Central Valley High School and Middle School classes are not in session.  On Monday, January 22, 2018, the transportation schedules below will be followed for the AM pick-up.  The afternoon PM dismissal will run as normal. Out of district bus schedules can be found by clicking here.

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Posted Thursday, January 18, 2018
The automated daily attendance calls are currently not going out.  The district is working with the vendor to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
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Posted Monday, December 11, 2017

Dear Todd Lane Parents,
I am writing this letter in an attempt to address concerns floating around the community with regards to the renovation project at Todd Lane.  My hope is to address any concerns that the District did not, has not, or does not take the safety and well-being of our students and staff as our top priority.  The District spent months planning and preparing for this project.  The District worked with architects, engineers, contractors, code enforcement, etc... to ensure that the school building would be safe for occupancy to start and remain throughout the project.  Through the planning process, communication was provided to staff and community members regarding what could be expected during the renovation of Todd Lane.  In this correspondance, I would like to highlight several areas that I have heard are a concern:

  • Background clearances are required and reviewed for all construction workers.
  • The Code Enforcement Officer has inspected the site on multiple occasions and declared the building safe for occupancy.
  • The Fire Chief inspected the site and we are in compliance.
  • A representative from the PA Department of Education, Office for Safe Schools, reviewed safety measures in place and stated what is in place is appropriate.
  • Safety Barriers between Construction Zones and students have been erected to limit contact between staff, students, and construction zones and workers.
  • Hall Monitors are employed by the District to monitor construction activity as staff and students pass through areas in the construction corridor.
  • A Clerk of the Works is employed by the District and is on site daily.


  • There is heat.
  • Wednesday, October 25th was cold.
  • The boiler was scheduled to be up and running last Tuesday October 24, 2017. HVAC subcontractor was to be here to fire up the boiler that night. They did not show up. We arrived for school last Wednesday October 25, 2017, and it was cold. We had the subcontractor here that day, and the boiler was up and running that evening. In addition as of this week, the four (4) roof-top heating units are functioning as well.
  • There are some hallwalls that are chilly, specifically the construction hallway leading to the cafeteria.  Therefore, to the best of our ability, we try to keep the areas exposed to the elements boarded up.  
  • Windows are being installed this week in the old 4th grade wing. There is exposure to the outside while they are being installed. Prior to the installation, these window areas were boarded up.  Moving forward, the new windows should help keep the cold air out of that part of the building.
  • The mechanical room is exposed to the outside as they move new equipment in place. Not to mention, the loading dock is being replaced and there are many coordination issues between the trades that take time. Also, that area is the major point of entry for the contractors and their supplies and equipment.  This is one of the few access points the District has allowed in order to limit contractor access throughout the building, limit the amount of dirt being brought into the building, and to limit contractor contact with staff and students. Block walls and temporary access doors are being erected in hopes that it is substantially closed up over the next several days.  I anticipate that this area will be cold until the mechanical area is enclosed.

Air Quality

  • The first air quality test was taken as a baseline prior to the beginning of any construction.  This was done in February 2017.  The baseline sampling results were all less than 0.0043 mg/me (milligram per cubic meter of air).  The air quality expert testing air quality informed us the OSHA threshold is 15 mg/m3. The baseline test was far below this threshold.
  • A second air monitoring was completed August 28, 2017. The construction began in the Spring of 2017.  This sampling results were 0.19 mg/m3 to 0.064 mg/m3.  Again, the OSHA threshold is 15 mg/m3.  Again, the samples were well below this threshold.
  • Air quality was last done October 2, 2017.  These samplings were 0.14 mg/m3 to less than 0.047/mg/ms.  These results were actually lower than the August samples.
  • Air quality samples are scheduled to be taken again this week and will continue to be done throughout the entire project.
  • The main student classroom areas are located outside of the construction corridor, with the exception of walking through the construction corridor hallway to the gymnasium/temporary cafeteria, or to access practical arts classes located in different areas in the building.

Fire Alarms

  • There are functioning fire alarms and annunciators throughout all of the staff and student occupied areas of Todd Lane. The alarms that were reported covered are only located in the construction area and are intentionally offline. The code officer and the fire department are aware. Todd Lane Elementary is within the code requirements for fire alarm safety.


  • There is definitely dirt that is brought into the building as workers move between the corridor that runs along the current area of the building under construction. We clean it multiple times throughout the day in order to limit the dirt from being tracked around the building.  Our custodial crew works hard to keep the hallways as clean as possible.
  • Prior to construction, it was communicated that dirt could be expected due to the magnitude of the improvements being made.

Modular Classrooms

  • This was certainly discussed and evaluated.
  • There is not space to locate modulars, due to slope, construction laydown area, parking, play areas and site construction.
  • Students would still access the building and travel through the building for the same reasons they do now; lunch, nurse, building office, restrooms, etc..
  • Moving off-site completely was evaluated as well and was determined not to be feasible.

I attend each and every construction meeting. I assure you that the safety and well-being of our students and staff is not and will not be jeopardized. I hope this answers some of the concerns that have been communicated to me.  You are welcome to attend a Board meeting, or feel free to contact me with any questions concerning these points or any others as the project continues over the next several months.
Mr. Nicholas Perry

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Posted Tuesday, November 7, 2017
October Warriors of the Month

Chase Ramsey, Amanda Leech, Claire Miloszewski, Justine Jones, Mia Notaro, Antonio Boni, Lakyh Dawkins, 
Juliana Kitsko, Renzo Sylvester, Emily Goberish, Khalil Ellerbee, Kayliana DeRose

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Posted Wednesday, September 27, 2017
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