Middle School Guidance Services

The CVMS Guidance program is designed to meet the academic, social and personal needs of its students.  The counselor serves as a liason between the school, parents, as well as community agencies for those who may be in need of outside services.  Parents who have concerns about their children in regards to their success at CVMS should not hesitate to contact Mrs. Mattica:

724-775-8200 x13088


  • 2016 - 2017 PSSA  and Keystone Exam Dates

    Assessment Dates Grade
    English/Language Arts April 15-17, 2019  6-8
     Math April 29-30, 20196-8
    ScienceMay 2, 2019 8
    Make-up April 29-May 2, 2019

    Algebra 1 Keystone Exam is only given to those students enrolled in Algebra 1 and will be given May 20-21, 2019

    NWEA Map Benchmark Testing Dates  for all Middle School Students:
    September 17-19, 2018
    December 10-12, 2018
    May 22-24, 2019 
  • Guidance 6
    As part of the Encore Curriculum, all 6th grade students are required to take part in Guidance Class. The guidance curriculum is based on the American School Counseling Association standards, as well as the Central Valley School District curriculum maps. The lessons challenge the students to consider their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a variety of ways. Some of the standards addressed include: positive character traits, bullying, career exploration, and digital citizenship. This class meets for thirty days opposite Physical Education.
    Students are expected to come to class with a writing utensil and a charged iPad. They are expected to treat each other with respect and participate in classroom activities.
    Students grades will be weighted as follows:
    10% - Homework
    30% - Classwork/Participation
    60% - Any combination of Projects, Quizzes, and Tests

    Time Out from Technology

    Spending too much time on iPads, computers, video games, and cell phones can prevent students from learning proper social interactions with others, as well as interfere with sleep, physical activity, and studying.  Here are some tips to curb tech time:
    1.  Use the ratio rule.  For every half hour your child spends using technology, he/she should spend a half hour doing something else, such as playing outside, playing an instrument, or another tech-free activity.
    2.  Create tech-free zones.  Establish rules where devices are not permitted such as the dinner table, restaurants, or during family activities.
    3.  Insist that devices go off at bedtime.  Children often stay up late to play games, text friends, or watch videos, losing valuable sleep.   Set up a famiy charging area where everyone must leave their devices overnight, removing the temptation to power up instead of resting up.
    Bernadette Mattica
    Middle School Guidance Counselor
    724-775-8200 Extension 13088
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