October 3rd-7th
Our Stories do not run on a Monday through Friday schedule.  The dates posted above are the dates we begin our new story and finish all of the skills and tests. 
 Our anchor text this week is"Lucia's Neighborhood". 
The Genre of this story is: Informational Text.  
The Essential question is: Who can you meet in a neighborhood?
Our vocabulary words: all, does, here, me, my, who
Phonics skills:  Short e, consonants y, w, k,v, j  
 Comprehension skills and strategies: 
Target skill: Text and Graphic features
Target strategy: Question
                                       Vocabulary Strategies 
 Alphabetical order
Narrative Writing:  Class Story
 Focus Traits:  Word Choice
Spelling words
              yet, web, pen, wet, leg, hen, have, do, my, see
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