Destiny's Gift
By: Natasha Anastasia Tarpley
Illustrated By: Adjoa J. Burrowes
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Essential Question: Why is volunteering good for a community and its people?
  • afford: to be able to pay
  • customers: people who buy something at a store
  • contacted: got in touch with someone
  • raise: to collect
  • earn: to get something by working
  • figure: to work out by thinking
  • block: the section of a street between two other streets
  • spreading: stretching something out
  • Common Vowel Pairs
  • ai, ay, ee, ea
Target Skills and Strategies
  • Understanding Characters
  • Story Message
  • Analyze and Evaluate
  • Antonyms
  • Grammar - Compound Sentences
Spelling Words:
Long a and Long e Spellings
  1. lay
  2. real
  3. trail
  4. sweet
  5. today
  6. dream
  7. seem
  8. tea
  9. treat
  10. afraid
  11. leave
  12. bait
  13. screen
  14. speed
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