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My name is Mrs. Bristal Ellefson and I'm the Elementary School Counselor for both Todd Lane and Center Grange. I am available by phone or email .  At Todd Lane, I am working with the students on meeting common core standards for guidance which include Classroom Lessons on Careers, assisting students academically and emotionally, 504 Implementation, Second Step bullying program, and Teacher/Parent Consultation.  Our second step program is geared to promote tolerance and encourage positive relationships.  I also work with students on the following items:  study skills, improving grades, attendance issues, conflict resolution, and character qualities.  Please feel free to contact me if you feel your child is in need of assistance.  I look forward to working with all of our students at Todd Lane.

Bristal Ellefson
724.775.1050 ext 20110

Warrior of the Month

Warrior of the Month
Warrior of the Month is a character education program that is supported by our PTA organization, Mrs. Ellefson, Mrs. Weigel, Mrs. Young, and Dr. Sherbondy.   This program focuses on teaching our students about positive character qualities that are important to strive for: leadership, respect, responsibility, citizenship, kindness, self-control, trustworthiness, giving 100%, and teamwork.
Each month, one character quality will be focused on for the students to learn about and 4 students per grade level will be chosen at the end of the month for embodying this quality.  Each student that has been chosen will get their picture taken for display on our front blue wall when you enter the building.  The students will also be given a certificate for being chosen and a small character ed reward.
Our hope for this program is that our students will learn the importance of all of the these character qualities and lead by example throughout the building.

Second Step

Second Step
The Second Step bullying program focuses on teaching our students how to respect each other, use conflict resolution skills, and teaching tolerance.  Each grade level has lessons that are appropriate for their age where they watch videos of different scenarios, engage in verbal discussions of lesson content, and participate in activities that reinforce important concepts.  


Customer Service 1-800-986-KIDS 
Julie McMullen
Elementary Guidance Counselor
724-775-1050 Extesnsion 16002
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