Welcome to English 8

In English 8, the students will continue to study the rules of the English language, as well as expand their vocabulary through a structured vocabulary program.
We will begin the year with a review of the Writing Process, Types of Writing and characteristics of good writing. In addition we will be covering the Parts of Speech (chapters 13,14,15,16,and17). Next we will focus on The Sentence (chapter 18.1-18.4), Complements (chapter 18.5 & chapter 22), Verbs (chapter 21), Clauses and Phrases (chapter 19), Sentence Structure (chapter 20), and Capital Letters and Punctuation (chapter 25,& 26). Throughout the course of the year, the students will have four formal writing pieces.
The textbook that we use is Prentice Hall Writing Coach Writing and Grammar for the 21st Century. 

Writing Coach Textbook
1.  The link below will open the SuccessNetPlus website. (The site supports Internet Explorer browsers for PC's and Sarafi browsers for Mac-users.)Use the following username and password to log in:
Username: cvwarrior
Password: warrior8
2.  Click on link “Prentice Hall Writing Coach, NA, Grade 8”
3.  On the new page, select the drop down menu “Launch eText.”
4.  Click on the link for the Writing Coach 2011 Student Edition
5.  The online text will then open in a new window.



Final Grades in English are weighted as follows:
Assessments (Tests, Quizzes)           30%
Projects/Writings                              30%
Classwork                                            30%
Homework                                           10% 
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