Purpose of the Course

Personal Finance:  Grades 11-12
  • Prerequisites:

    • Algebra II or Foundations of Algebra II

  • Recommendations:

    • 70% average or better in Algebra II or Foundations of Algebra II

 This practical course is designed to empower students to become more responsible consumers and to prepare them to be financially successful in the years ahead. The major topics of the course are as follows: foundation of financial planning; short and long term financial goal writing; and in-depth look at the influence of today’s economy; budget preparation and money management; banking and investing; consumer credit; local, state and federal taxes; car buying and financing; home mortgages; protection against identity theft; insurance basics; and themathematics behind key financial ratios. By developing a strong background in financial literacy, students will be ready to take control of their own personal success toward a secure future.
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