Darcey Suder

Room 106


8th Grade Honors English:

Welcome to Honors English!

Course evaluation consists of formal and informal writing assignments, oral presentations,

projects, quizzes, and tests. Student’s final grade is weighted as follows:

Homework = 10%,

Classwork: 30%

Assessments/Projects: 60%


** This honors class will strive to implement the practices of a higher level English class. The primary focus of honors classes is to “engage students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of rhetorical contexts, and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes." In addition to understanding the concepts taught in 8th grade English, our goal is to provide students with a chance to analyze rhetorical writing, engage in a variety of speaking activities, work on cumulative writing projects, and develop their language, voice, and writing style.

● In Honors English Eight, students will write compositions of varying lengths

throughout the year. (Narrative, Informational, Argumentative, and &

Research). We will begin the year with an overview of the Writing Process,

Types of Writings, and characteristics of good writing.

● We will also continue to study the English language, starting with a review of

the Parts of Speech and then cover Parts of Sentences later in the year.

● Editing skills will be reinforced weekly through mini-lessons at the start of


● Throughout the year, we will practice public speaking with various formal and

informal speeches/presentations on student-chosen topics.

● Throughout the year vocabulary quizzes will be given.


● The iPad will be used daily in the course. It is imperative that it be charged

and brought to class every day. Students should also bring paper/notebook for handwritten assignments.

● We will be using online editions of vocabulary and writing books as well as a variety of digital content that will be presented throughout the year.

Assignments can be viewed on the Showbie group page. Go to Showbie.com and sign up as a parent.

Use the code: FM5RF


● Be Prepared - have the correct book, notebook, a charged iPad, folder, pen or pencil

● Be Punctual - arrive on time and be in your assigned seat before the late bell rings

● Be Polite - keep hands, objects, and rude comments to yourself

● Be Positive - choose your attitude


If you are absent from school,  homework assignments will be accepted upon your return.

If you missed an assignment or exam, the due date extension is equal to the number of

days missed. If you attend a field trip, you are still responsible for all class work- this

includes turning in homework assignments on time and finding out what you have missed.


If you need to meet with the core teachers conferences can be scheduled between 1:15

p.m. to 2:30 p.m. any day during the school week. Please do not hesitate to contact or

email me if you have any questions or concerns about English class or the eighth grade

activities/events or to set up a conference.


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