Honors Economics & Government

This Econ/Government course covers the same topics covered in the non-Honors offering of

Econ/Government; however, the topics are presented and explored at a significantly higher

level of academic expectation. This is a very challenging course. Students should be aware

that by choosing this course they are expected to deliver the level of effort and highest quality

work expected of a rigorous Honors program. It is assumed that students choosing

this course are capable of the very highest level of academic scholarship. The reading and

writing requirement exceeds the non-Honors course offering and nightly readings and

other assignments are to be expected.  These writing assignments may include, but not be limited to,frequent short papers of 1-3 pages in length and formal research papers of 5-7 pages in

length. Course readings will include the regular course textbook as well as various outside

sources, which may be found online, in digital format, or provided in hard copy by the


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