Each student is afforded the opportunity to raise money to cover the costs of the Budgeted Income Portion of the yearly budget as well as the cost of their trip during a trip year.
***Each fundraiser should be paid with a single check written out to "Central Valley Band Organization".  The check must be from the band parent or the student.***
Orders and payments can be placed in the blue band box with Fundraiser Name and Contact name on the envelope.
For information on individual fundraisers, please contact the person in charge.
Night at the Races: Karen Lucci

Poinsettia Sale: Suellen Patterson

Cash Bash: Beth Thompson

Hoagie Sale: Clara Sanborn

Anderson’s Candies:

Chestnut Hill candles:  Ellen Ankney  (Online ordering available! See information forms!) 


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Fund Raising 2017-2018
Night at the Races 2018 Forms
Poinsettia Sale
Anderson's Candies
Cash Bash
For tickets/information, contact Beth Thompson 

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