Cyber Bullying Tips for Parents

Parents can be one of the keys in preventing cyber bullying. Much of the bullying that occurs happens on the family computer. Children and teens often are unsupervised on the home computer. They know more about technology than their parents and don't follow proper online etiquette. As parents, it is important that you know what your children are doing online. 
Parents can help prevent cyber bullying by: 
  • Supervising the use of the computer; 
  • Get the computers out of the bedrooms and into a family room or common living area; 
  • Learn about and monitor the Web sites that your child visits while on the computer; 
  • Talk to your children about cyber bullying and encourage them to talk to you if they feel threatened while on the Internet. According to a survey by, 58 percent of kids did not tell their parents when someone was abusive to them online; 
  • Be concerned if your child spends an excessive amount of time online and, if necessary, limit his/her time spent on the computer; and 
  • Have your child fill out and sign an agreement or pledge, such as the ones on this Web site, about safety online. 
  • As a parent it is important that your children are able to trust you and feel comfortable enough to talk to you about bullying and the Internet.
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