Cyber Bullying in Middle School

The middle school years can be some of the most difficult in a child's life. They are caught somewhere between childhood and adolescence which often leads to insecurity and a feeling of self-change and emotion can lead to bullying and taking frustrations out on others. Internet usage at this age can be at its highest - with kids talking to friends after school or expressing themselves through personal Web pages.
We need to help children remember that all of their classmates are going through the same changes. So, being mean and hurting people while online doesn't help to make them feel better about themselves, it only makes someone else feel worse. 
If a child is being bullied via instant messaging, e-mail or a personal blog, it is important for him/her to tell a parent, teacher or trusted adult immediately. If the child finds it difficult to talk about being bullied, suggest that they might find it easier to write down what's been happening and give it to a trusted adult. 
Pledge for middle school students: 
I will remember that everyone deserves to feel safe and accepted; I will not bully, post pictures or make up stories about other kids in order to try and make myself feel better; and If I am being bullied or know a friend who is being bullied, I will tell a responsible adult right away.
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