AP/CHS Calculus

AP/CHS CalculusAB: Grade11-12(College-in-HighSchool 4 credits through Univ. of Pittsburgh)

·        Prerequisites:

o  Calculus

·        Required:

o  Students enrolling in the AP course should have an 85% average or better, if taken as prerequisite to AP/College-in-High-School course. This requirement has been previously established by the University of Pittsburgh.


This course will prepare the student to take the AP Calculus AB exam in May, as well as completing the requirements for the College-in-High-School program. It will continue the study of transcendental functions and explore advanced techniques of integration. Additional topics will include but are not limited to: VectorTheory, Polar Coordinates, and translations and rotations of Conic Sections.

AP/CHS Calculus AB Syllabus
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