Language Arts 6

In this course the students will be learning grammar,
vocabulary, study skills and will be introduced specific writings and its


A year "Chalked" full of fun!
 Daily Expectations:
 Students are expected to come to class prepared.  This includes arriving on time with Ipad (fully charged), folders (3), an AR book, and a pencil.
 Grading Scale:
 90 - 100       A
 89 - 80         B
 79 - 70         C
 69 - 60         D
 59 - 0           F
 English Department Grade Weights:
30% - Assessments
  • Tests
  • Quizzes 
 30% - Projects/Writings
30%- Classwork
10%- Homework 
*All assignments are posted on the assignment board in my classroom , on our team webpage (6A) , and the district website (

**All assignments and tests are subject to change depending on the instructional needs of the students.**

When checking Powerschool for grade updates, please check on the weekend.  It takes time to grade, check, and post.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.




  • Homework will be given at least three times a week.  The assignment may be a worksheet, an activity  or an Ipad activity.
  • ALL assignments are graded.
  • Quizzes will be given at the end of a section.
  • Unit tests will also be given.  Study guides will be provided.
  • A variety of writings will be completed.  Some of those writings will be guided writings and some will be independent writings.

Various stages of the writing process may be assigned for homework.




  • Spelling lists will be given on Friday.
  • Various worksheets on the list words will be completed either as classwork or homework.
  • ALL assignments are graded.
  • The final test on the words will be given on Thursday.
  • All tests are written ones.

World History

Journey Across Time

The Early Ages



Daily Expectations:

  Students are to have their textbook ,Ipad (fully charged),  a notebook (if not taking notes on Ipad), folder, and a pencil. 


The amount and types of assignments will vary.  Homework assignments will be reviewed in class. Many assignments will be checked, and students will receive points for it.   Assignments, test dates, and other important information will be posted on 6A's  team webpage.

Test and Quizzes: 

All tests and quizzes will be announced in advance.  The number of points and types of questions will vary.



The student's grade will be determined by the total points accumulated from tests, quizzes, homework assignments, and other activities throughout the grading period. 

Grading Scale:
 100 - 90     A
  89 -  80     B
  79 -  70     C
  69 -  60     D
  59 -   0      F 

Extra Credit:

 I do not allow students to do extra credit to improve grades.  I believe if the students put forth the necessary effort and perform on a daily basis to the best of their ability, then they should be able to maintain good and / or passing grades.  The time and effort they put into an extra credit project or assignment needs to be applied each day.

General Rules for Homework

  • The Google Calendar or Agenda App  on the Ipad  or Team A webpage should be checked nightly
  • Homework will be Monday through Thursday.
  • Homework on weekends is rare , but it may occur.
  • It should not take more than 20 - 25 minutes to complete the homework.
  • If an assignment is incomplete or not turned in a zero (0)will be recorded for that assignment.  Half credit will be given for assignments turned in late (the next day/class)

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